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Stage de Marketing de septembre à décembre 2010

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Date of last connection: 2015-05-30
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Miss Ma... GI...
69150 Decines-Charpieu

Prepared job(s): : Métier de cadre - je souhaiterais m'orienter dans le secteur du tourisme et du développement durable.


School: IDRAC Lyon 69258 Lyon

Education level: Programme International Grandes Ecoles à l'IDRAC Lyon (école supérieure de commerce) 1st year
Programme International Grandes Ecoles à l'IDRAC Lyon (école supérieure de commerce)
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +1
Last diploma : Baccalauréat avec mention assez bien
Current educational level : +1
Prepared job(s): : Métier de cadre - je souhaiterais m'orienter dans le secteur du tourisme et du développement durable.

Duration of the internship: 3 mois
Beginning of the internship: septembre - décembre 2010
2010-09-20 2010-12-17
Full-time No
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence :


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Intermediate

Cover letter

1st July 2010

With reference to your situations vacant in the web site , I’m writing this letter to apply for the marketing internship in you department from September to December (3 month). I am very interested and motivated about this opportunity and this position. I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills to achieve your company's goal.

I am in first year in the 5 year International Business Program at IDRAC (International School of Management in Lyon, FRANCE).In addition, my experience in sales and customer relationship management, combined with my courses in marketing, have convinced me that marketing is a career option I would like to explore.

More importantly, an internship with you in Canada would be mutually beneficial. I know that the combination of my experience, education, and motivation to excel will make me an asset to your marketing department. Moreover this internship represents a good opportunity to improve my language skills.
As an energetic and creative person, I would like to join your team in order to participate at new projects and develop my skills in marketing.
I am sure that it would be worthwhile for us to have a phone conversation. Should you have any questions, you may reach me via phone or via email.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Internship: Marketing (from September to December 2010)
5 allée des camellias
69150 Décines, France
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 06/08/1991 (18 years old)


- From May 25th to July 31th: Sales Discovery Internship in EF Education First (language trip abroad), 67 rue Boileau 69006 Lyon, FRANCE.
Sector: Tourism (language trip)
Occupation: Assistant account manager
Main activities and responsibility: phoning, mailing, to give an estimate …

- March 12th 2010: Sale of the magazine EXPRESS (some articles were written by IDRAC students) in the shopping mall CARREFOUR at Ecully (Lyon, FRANCE)- From July 4th to July 31th 2009: Mairie de Chassieu, 60 rue de la République 69680 Chassieu, FRANCE.
Sector: Counseling
Occupation: Children’s camp activity leader BAFA
Main activity and responsibility: Organized activities for children.

- From December 13th to December 17th: S.A. Pascal, 39 rue Pierre Corneille rue de C au Sud de l’ALle, 69006 Lyon, FRANCE.
Sector: Wholesaler of clothes – Distribution – Textil
Occupation: Shop assistant
Main activities and responsibility: Sorting clothes out – Labelling – Decoration of the shop window (Christmas period). EDUCATION AND TRAINING

- From 2009 to 2014: First year in the 5 year International Business Program at IDRAC (International School of Management in Lyon, FRANCE).
Principal subjects: Marketing – Economy – Right – Accounting – Management – Languages (English and Spanish)
Title of qualification awarded: Diploma aimed by the State, (5 years) MASTER’S DEGREE.

- June 2009: Lycé Charlie Chaplin in Décines, FRANCE.
Principal subjects: Economic and Social sciences – History and Geography – Mathematics – Languages (English and Spanish) – Philosophy.
Title of qualification: French Baccalaureate with honors
Level in national classification: High School Diploma. PERSONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES

- Mother tongue: FRENCH

- Other languages:
English and Spanish
SOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES- Computer skills: Word – Excel – PowerPoint – Gimp

- Sports:
- Practice of rowing since 8 years in competition (French championship).
- Alpine skiing, running, climbing, christening in diving and jump in parachute.

- Travel:
- Various trips in Morocco, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Sicily.
- Linguistic trip in an International Centre of Languages in Los Angeles in August in 2009 (with EF Education First). ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES

- Volunteer work: Rowing instructor of the 9/10 years old children in my rowing club.
In touch by the phenomenon of the destruction of the planet and the ecologic stakes

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